Sunless Tanning




First Class Tanning Salon is proud to feature the Mystic Tan booth. The ultimate in UV-free spray on tanning.

You walk into the room, heads turn, eyebrows raise and jaws drop! Somebody’s got a tan, and it’s you!

This Mystical moment is made possible by Mystic Tan. The deep, rich, even tan that’s yours in just seconds ~ not minutes. In fact, a Mystic Tan takes less time than it takes to read this page.

Mystic Tan is unlike any tan under the sun. It’s totally UV-free and touch free. It’s patented, it’s proven, it’s perfect for last minute occasions too.

Mystic Tan’s deep- tanning mist sprays on evenly. No lotions to rub in, no streaking. No wonder Mystic Tan is the official UV-free tan of the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders.

For a natural looking tan that takes just seconds, darkens by the hour, and lasts for days, nothing comes close to a Mystic Tan. Need a quick tan? Want a great tan? Go where no tan has gone before. Get a Mystic Tan!

First Class Tanning Salon uses the premium Mystic Tan bronzing solution.

No appointment necessary!

Myx It Up



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